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Agent of channel management

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Develop your sales channel to reach goal (revenue, market share, awareness…) of manufacturers. Channel strategy is optimized and implemented in comprehensive “4e Direction” program which successfully executive and evaluated in business of many laboratory product line.


Building up effective sales channel


Monitoring and managing with SMART tools


Developing in sustainable alliance

Least risky

Stay away local legislation risk and headcount expense 

Channel marketing implementation milestone

Channel Partner are most valuable asset to in-direct selling stratety of laboratory equipment or consumables manufactorers. We have consolidated the tools developed within HUSECO,  in order to assist your effort to achieve the channel strategic goals.

Strategic management

Developing strategies to long-term goal in performance and competitiveness

About strategic management?

Selecting checklist

Selecting and entering into relationships with potential Channel Partners

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Onboarding project

Executive SMART authorization contract and initial inventory ordering

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4e Direction

Implement comprehensive “4e Direction” program to value distributor

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Setting up effectively your sales channel with our “4e Direction” program

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