HUSECO is proud to be one of the companies that are always active in corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities in Vietnam. With our vision and commitment, we carry out many diverse and practical CSR activities for the community and society.

CSR activities

  • In the field of laboratories and quality management. HUSECO has accompanied the founding and development of the Vietnamese Community of Testers (since 2017), financial support, development strategies, and implementation of community classes, talkshows and events. Connection for the community of experts in the field of testing, testing and quality control.
  • In the field of trade connections. HUSECO is the founding organization of Club 513 (since 2018), which conducts business connection and cooperation activities at home and abroad with more than 15 networking and knowledge sharing sessions in the country and 7 study trips. international exchange in Malaysia and Korea.
  • In the field of business administration and marketing. HUSECO is an active member of the UBIN community with the participation of Mr. Pham Cao Trong - a co-founder and full-time member of the Content Department (season 1) and the Communication Department (season 2). Successfully organized more than 23 talkshows and 15 community training classes with more than 3000 attendances of members in 2021 and 2022.
  • In volunteer work. HUSECO has co-implemented with sponsors of the Sustainable Clean Water project to provide 2 direct drinking water purification works for 2 primary schools in Quang Ngai, helping to meet the urgent need for drinking water due to the influence of rain. hurricane at the end of 2020.

The CSR activities of HUSECO and the individual Founder Pham Cao Trong not only contribute to the sustainable development of society, but also reflect the company's commitment and responsibility to the community and a healthy competitive business environment. strong in the spirit of promoting and honoring Vietnamese Products and Vietnamese Wisdom.